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Our job is to make brands shine from the user inbox.

Online environments we transact in are busy, which means brands have to be discoverable, relatable, and persuasive to keep up with demand and expectation. This is where email comes in (email leaves a lasting impression).

Your email marketing strategy should be in capable hands, dialed in to achieve sale objectives. 

We specialize in Email Marketing, Email Automation, and Campaign Management. Adelle Grogg leads the AC Media Solutions team. She has worked in the Digital Marketing Industry for the last seven years. With a B.A. in English Literature, she empowers her team to program, test, and launch email marketing campaigns. This year alone she has sent over 1,000 email campaigns, carefully programming subject lines, preview texts, headlines, calls-to-action, and reporting at the campaign vs quarterly level.  

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"Marketing is a cycle of storytelling in a timely fashion, with a touch of psychology." - Founder, Adelle Grogg

Meet the Founder, Adelle Grogg. 

“A good marketing strategy considers every angle users could discover your brand from.”

“The preview text should build on the subject line, so should your Alt text.”

“It never hurts to do a last minute read aloud. Not only do we look for typos, but for audience digestibility. Will it have the intended impact we want?”

“Hire a leader who has a relentless tenacity to produce.”

What we do

We start with a discovery process. Will you depend on our shop to produce writing and creative? Or will writing and creative be provided? This alone heavily determines pricing.

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Multi-Channel Marketing

We integrate with other channels and digital marketing teams. If you need an email team, we are your answer. We have relationships with programmers, copywriters, graphic designers, and coordinators but pride ourselves on being a small email marketing shop. An ideal client has large audiences, and product to sell with a writer commissioned who knows the product. We take that stellar writing and create email campaigns targeting your list for sign-ups/sales. Our two person team can produce up to two HTML branded email campaigns a week, segmenting your lists. We help you look at age, location, demographic, and how your product serves following all launched email campaigns.

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