Multi Channel Marketing In a Technological Age


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Our job is to make brands shine from every corner of the online world. Today, brands are expected to have a presence on every digital and social channel.

Online environments we socialize and transact in are becoming busier and busier, which means brands have to be discoverable, relatable, and persuasive to keep up with demand and expectation.

Your messaging strategy should be in capable hands, with a core psychological foundation aligned with company objectives. Tech teams should be able to connect systems and test automations in tandem with communication schedules for seamless traffic to marketing assets and your site. 

We specialize in Email Marketing, Email Automation, Organic Social, Paid Social and Paid Search. Adelle Grogg leads the AC Media Solutions team. She has worked in the Marketing Agency Industry for the last six years and is an English Major. She has a basic understanding of programming languages and trains all staff on basic copywriting and design aesthetic/production. 

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Marketing is a cycle of storytelling. It’s the stories we tell, our goal-oriented mindsets, and a touch of psychology that makes our team exceptional.

Meet the Founder, Adelle Grogg. 

“A good marketing strategy considers every angle users could discover your brand from.”

“A user could see an ad, perform a Google Search that connects back to your site, or your TikTok strategy could be the driver behind web traffic.”

“Your marketing budget should consider ad spend, but it doesn’t stop there, copywriting, design, development, landing page creation, and database management all have associated costs that should increase revenue. When you invest in marketing, this is is what you invest in, a creative communications team in sync with your brand.”

“Hire a leader who has a relentless tenacity to produce.”



What we do

We start with a discovery process, then create marketing plans for the channels your brand dominates. We specialize in Email Marketing, Email Automation, Organic Social, Paid Social, and Paid Search.

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Multi-Channel Marketing

Much of Digital Marketing is rooted in Social Media Marketing, but not all of us consume, shop, or make decisions based on social media use. Age, location, demographic, how your product serves, shapes who your audience is and social media is one of many environments where a portion of your audience may be active. We send and receive emails all day, often times from our mobile devices which are located right next to social media apps. There is power in SEO, there is power in Email, there is power in Social Media, the key is identifying where your brand will thrive and serve a larger community.

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