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Generate revenue and demend today.

We transact and socialize in many online environments. One thing we continue to rely on for personal, direct and private communication is the Email Channel, but we also lean on platforms like X, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Google,  Tiktok, and YouTube for self education, connection, and entertainment.  

The words we use in headlines, captions, subject lines, have the power to move audiences. The right message at the right time could be the difference between hitting monthly sale quotas -or- tripling them.

We specialize in Email Campaign Marketing, Social Media Campaign Management, and Reporting. Adelle Grogg leads the AC Media Solutions team. She has worked in the Digital Marketing Industry for over eight years, specializing in digital marketing and campaign management. 

With a B.A. in English Literature from Loyola University of Chicago, Adelle empowers graphic designers, developers, strategists, and copywriters to produce quality work that she combines into campaigns, ad platforms, and Email Sender Platforms. Last year alone she helped send over 1,000 branded HTML email campaigns (2023). This fall (2024) she will start her MBA at Rutgers University.

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"Success is the sum of small efforts,
repeated day in and day out."
- Robert Collier
Email Marketing Leader

Meet the Founder, Adelle Grogg. 

“A good email marketing strategy considers time of day, day of week, Calls-to-Action, and conversions.”

“The preview text should build on the subject line, so should your Alt text.”

“It never hurts to do a last minute read aloud. Not only do we look for typos, but for audience digestibility. Will it have the intended impact we want?”

“Hire a leader who has a relentless tenacity to produce.”

What we do

We start with the creative brief.
Defining which images, words, links will be used. Then we determine the intended goal action of each single campaign.

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Someone has to dial it all in! Often times the copywriter or graphic designer do not know their way around an ESP (Email Sender Platform), and a developer might not know the ins and outs of social media platforms. Specializing in digital marketing, we work with many ESPs including: Mailchimp, Sendgrid, ConstantContact, Klaviyo, SalesforceMarketing Cloud, HubSpot and more to produce beautifully designed and effective HTML email marketing campaigns. As well as working with Paid Search Platforms, Paid Social Media Ad Platforms, SEO tools to rand your site favorably when specific terms are searched for.

Our team can produce HTML branded email campaigns, adhere to a content calendar and go between parties for specific approval and execution of the campaign from beginning to end. We maintain your segmenting processes, but will make recommendations if segmentation is not being leveraged. We do not write copy, we do not edit images, we do not program landing pages, we do not program templates from scratch. We work with your creative brief, plugging in the copy in captions/headlines/subject lines, we plug in, creative design, and test all campaigns across many devices. We work through approval chains to obtain final approve confirmation, deploy, record stats, and finally, report on engagement and revenue generated.

Our Clients

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