AC Media Solutions Pricing and Booking Direct with Adelle Grogg

15-minute Meet and Greet Session.

This is a great place start. Introduce yourself and network directly with Adelle to see if there are any mutually beneficial opportunities. 

$100 Video Session

1v1 1hr Solution Driven Conversation. 

Great for Entrepreneurs Marketing Managers, Sr Email Strategists, Sr PPC Specialists seeking a quick solution to enhance a campaign / strategy.

$200 Pay to Play

1v1 2hr Video and Screen Share Session, Log-in Credentials.

Collaborate with Adelle allowing her platform access, while she evaluates systems.

$500 Marketing Audit

8hr audit, 1v1 2HR Video Presentation and Q&A, Log in Credentials

Hire Adelle for an 8HR audit of last 90 days of email, digital, and social channels, including revenue and site analytics, with recommendations for growth.

Fixed Rate retainer agreements are available starting at $1000 per marketing campaign. This includes working directly with Adelle Grogg for Campaign Set-Up, Testing, Campaign Reporting, Campaign Production, and Digital Strategy Recommendations. This is for brands with audience lists sizes of 20,000-1,000,000+ recipients, generating at least $20,000/month in sales.