Email Marketing Coordination

The email channel is a highly cost-effective medium for generating demand and nurturing leads. But first you need to make sure your beautifully designed HTML email campaigns look great across different email clients and devices. Next, links need to be tested for accuracy. 

We don’t require you to use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management Tool), but we highly recommend it if you are working with a sales team of two or more. Today we work with the following CRMs: Hubspot, Salesforce, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and clients who keep their lists directly inside Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Send Grid, and Active Campaign.

Campaign Management

How the email appears in the user’s inbox matters! Time of day, day of week, subject lines, preview texts, calls-to-action, landing page integration are all part of what we do. Someone has to meticulously check every single email marketing campaign that is up for production. Why? Mistakes can hurt a brand’s reputation and incur unsubscribes, even sender authority for future campaigns.

The words you put in a subject line versus second paragraph of the body should have major intended differences. Similarly ads, social posts, web pages (not only email) have the power to move hearts and change minds. Every character counts. Not to mention the little mistakes like wrong links, extra spaces, or not enough spaces that are easy to miss when go through edits and approvals.

Email Marketing Reporting

We always provide detailed actionable reporting to identify which users interact with emails sent in a journey, including when they interacted with the email, and their user demographics. So leveraging performance analytics is a must. If users are clicking on specific calls-to-action, we should be trying to answer the question, ‘Why?’ and ‘How can we better serve?’. Click rates, open rates, gross revenue, net revenue, timing, etc. should be analyzed by professionals who understand the flow of email engagement. 

Email Automation

Email automation generates 320% more revenue compared to non-automated emails. Say you have strong sales goals for a particular product, sending a six-part email automation drip campaign on an audience to determine high versus low desire/interest could be valuable. This means, depending on how users interact with an email, open or click, can trigger automatically, a new campaign to send that is pre-coordinated. 

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