Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective strategies for generating demand, nurturing leads, and spreading brand awareness. Your email list contains with in it, users who have a general interest in your offering and a way to directly communicate with them. When a user subscribes to your newsletter, they go out of their way to establish a direct connection with your company. Subscribers are users who are convinced and have bought into your brand on some level.

Engagement metrics from your ESP(opens, clicks, replies) coupled with metrics from Google Analytics (Pages Per Session and Average Session Duration) can tell you how long users spent on your site and how much of your site their digested within a specific time frame. 

Marketing via the email channel can be a complex endeavor. First, your lead capture forms on your site or landing pages must be integrated with your Email Sender Platform (ESP). Next, you’ll be faced with the question ‘Do I automate or schedule emails?’, and the answer is: Both. Our team understands that there is a limit to what you can and should automate. The moment your marketing comes off spammy or cheesy, there is risk in losing a sense of trust with your users.

Search Engine Optimization

You understand that Google has a crawling technology, and that for your site, to be indexed and valued by Google, needs a strong content strategy. But how does this happen and where do you begin? Our SEO strategists would recommend ‘Starting with keywords’ and remind you that ‘Google Analytics is your friend’.

Through integrated technical search engine optimization, link building, content strategy/content marketing, a strong organic search presence is possible and probable. Like social media platforms, that speak their own languages, SEO is one in the same. There is a specific language that Google speaks when crawling your site, and your site needs to align with that language to be valued and ranked.

Social Media Marketing

Much of Digital Marketing is rooted in Social Media Marketing today, and that goes for B2B and B2C brands. A brand’s organic social presence establishes trust and a chance for users to interact with the voice of their favorite products and/or services.

Engagement metrics such as likes, follows, DMS, shares, story views, and site clicks are incredibly useful. Daily monitoring of social channel engagement holds within in it the key to your audience’s wants and interests. It really comes down to behavior: what do your users like? when are they active? what makes them engage? 

At AC Media, we paint this picture over and over for our clients. We develop targeted marketing plans based on observation of your audience, and watch the sales come in.  Today the AC Media team provides social media marketing for the following channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube.

 Our team of digital marketing professionals understand that each social environment is equipped with unique communication tools, tones, and ways to interact. Our team takes a hands-on approach to managing brands over social. We work with sales and customer service teams to make sure all engaged users connect with the right team members.

Branding and Positioning


Your brand is your front line, so don’t treat it lightly. 

Your brand is your unique essence, it’s not just a visual logo or slogan. It’s your company’s imprint on customers. When users interact with your brand, they are inviting your product or service into their experience and ultimately, for every business owner, this is a true honour. 

​Your brand is a reminder of your product behind the scenes in the sales psychology portion of marketing.

​For newer brands we start with a brand positioning statement, a one or two sentence declaration that communicates your product or services’ unique value. For more established brands, we work to reach alignment and then audit your brand’s tone across each digital channel.  



Creating content that sells an idea

Our favorite quote when it comes to copywriting at AC Media is: “Copy is not written. Copy is assembled.” by Eugene Schwartz. The words you put in an ad, post, email, or story have the power to evoke emotion and persuasive reasoning. Every word counts, and we understand this.

Our digital marketing professionals are communicators and writers first, marketers second. We understand that mindful copy has the power to move hearts. The conversions are in the copy, and in the way you communicate. It is that simple.

As copywriters we review information and data to reveal a story behind it. We research and collectively figure out what we want to say and then strategize how to say it. We ensure the words on the page are suitable for the format, and adjust our language into the company or clients’ style.

We understand the difference between email copy and Instagram copy. We can assemble blogs with your keywords in mind, so as you market your blog, your SEO presence is stellar, connecting your core touch points across channels. 


Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising is a very hands-on channel to market on. You can get your offering in front of users who are searching for products like yours, but it comes with a price and needs daily monitoring to be successful. As paid advertisers, we understand that marketing dollars need to be monitored closely. We never launch a campaign and only look at metrics when the campaign has ended. We are looking at keyword performance, Click Through Rates, Cost Per Click constantly, and we pull the right levers to maximize your offering’s exposure throughout the campaign.

When you win, we win. Our goal is to make your dollar go as far as it can, driving qualified paid traffic. Platforms we provide paid social advertising on are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Other platforms we provide paid advertising on are Google AdWords, Bing, Google Search and Display Networks. We have driven in some cases a 35% increase in revenue dollars when targeting the right paid strategy for ecommerce clients.

Web Development

website design

The website is your platform to answer all basic questions your potential customers may have about your business and brand.

When people visit your website, they seek answers to basic questions like what you do, your products/solutions, your location, contact details, etc.

We build your business website, e-commerce store, your blogs, your portfolio website or your dedication online projects. outsource them to us. 

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