Email Marketing

The Email channel is one of the most cost-effective mediums for generating demand and nurturing leads but it is complicated. To start you need work flows in place for building your list. This serves as the backbone of your email marketing plan. You will also want to tackle maintaining good list hygiene, i.e. sending to good email addresses that have opted into your list. 

Anyone can build a form and send an email. Here is why they don’t: They lack understanding of deliverability, they improperly store data, they fail to segment lists, or they don’t have integrations between systems in place. Our team can reformat data, test production techniques, and optimize for each campaign building a continuous flow of improvement into your marketing plan.

Social Media Marketing

3.8 billion people use social media. These different online environments give us ways to publish, like, comment, and share content. Facebook for instance operates a tad differently than Twitter or LinkedIn. Incidentally, these platforms have very different cultures and purposes they serve.     

What works on Facebook, may not work or be possible on Twitter. We love these types of conundrums. Each social media channel has a rhythm and flow to it. As marketers our job is to competitively and strategically position your brand in environments we know will respond well. 

Paid Advertising

Are your ad dollars generating the most value possible? If you can’t answer ‘yes’ to this question, read on. Running paid ads is a very hands-on operation. You could be running ads off of search engines or social media platforms, but the goal is always the same: How do I keep impressions and conversions high, with Cost Per Click low?

Marketing dollars, headlines, descriptions, keyword bids, and targeting should be monitored daily. If not, you’re not learning while your ads could be improving.  Platforms we provide paid social advertising on are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Other platforms we provide paid advertising on are Google AdWords, Bing, Google Search and Display Networks. We have driven in some cases a 35% increase in revenue dollars when targeting the right paid strategy.



Copy is not written. Copy is assembled.” – Eugene Schwartz. The words you put in an ad, post, email, or story have the power to move hearts and change minds. Every word counts.

As copywriters we review information and data to reveal a story behind it. We research and collectively figure out what we want to say and then strategize how to say it. We ensure the words on the page are suitable for the format, and adjust our language into the company or clients’ style.

We understand the difference between email copy and Instagram copy. We assemble blogs with your keywords in mind, so as you market your blog, your SEO presence is stellar, and uniform across the digital landscape

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