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Email is the highest ROI digital channel

65% of small businesses use email marketing to maintain sales

Customized Email Marketing Campaigns

Meet Adelle Grogg, Founder of AC Media Solutions

She helped send 1,000+ email marketing campaigns in 2022.

Today she handles production of: 

AB Testing

Time of Day Analysis for Open Rates

Subscriber Segmentation

Message Personalization

Automation Campaigns

Leverage the Power of Email

Email is the most used channel for sending and receiving trusted information.

81% of small businesses say their most used form of content marketing is email newsletters.

Target Your Customers

We work with analytical data to target highly engaged subscribers, nurturing them through the funnel. 

55% of global web traffic today is generated from mobile devices.

Collaborate With Us 

The day of the week and time of day matter. How your email campaign(s) display across email clients and devices such as mobile vs tablet also matter.

64% of small businesses report that email marketing single handedly helped them meet their business goals in 2021.

Close Business

Know which subscribers opened your email not once, but multiple times, and track whether or not they clicked. 

Highly engaged subscribers are likely to transact if there is a way to purchase after clicking your email.

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