AC Media Solutions is a Digital Marketing Agency

We tell digital stories in the form of email, paid ads, and organic social media campaigns to capture demand, attention, and sales.

Founded in 2019 by Adelle Grogg, AC Media Solutions supports B2C and B2B brands in the Telecom, 1031 Exchange Real Estate, Financial Services, App and Hospitality spaces.

Our Mission Statement 

We strive to captivate audiences through our authentic approach to building mindful, well designed digital marketing campaigns. Our goal is to set a new standard for digital marketing communication. Whether your B2B trying to book meetings, sending newsletters, or B2C linking directly to products across paid ads, search, and organic campaigns, our mission is to raise the standard of effective digital marketing communication.  

Our Vision 

The words you use on a screen have the power to make them act. We partner with brands we believe in because we believe in the subtly of our work, backed by KPIs we are constantly monitoring to continuously improve your bottom line.

The Founder

Meet Adelle Grogg, Founder. 

Adelle has an in-depth background in digital marketing (8 years of experience in digital marketing alone, 10 years of professional experience) and email marketing best practices. A natural-born leader, she thrives positioning skilled marketers, designers, and developers in revenue driving projects.

In her career she has supported Fortune 500 brands, she leads strategy for all email marketing, paid search, pay per click ads, organic social media, and landing page optimization initiatives. Through review of copy, spacing, timing, tone, grammar, punctuation, calls-to-action, device rendering, and KPIs on a regular basis she has helped businesses increase sales in as little as 50 days by 30%. This Fall (2024) Adelle will be starting her Executive MBA program at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey.

Visit Adelle’s LinkedIn profile.