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Digital Marketing Or Not: 5 Things Successful People Do In 2022

We all want to be successful, but forget that success starts first with ourselves. There are many factors that constitute a successful person, but we’re hoping to inspire you with these five. 

  1. They admit they have very little control and dance with the uncertainties of life. We struggle with control because so little control is available. You may try to control every aspect of your startup / side hustle, but this often leads to burn out and/or disappointment. Shifts happen, budgets dwindle, acquisitions occur, teammates resign, more or less life happens, and the more ready you are to go with the flow the better off you’re likely to be– not to mention your confidence will probably increase.  
  2. They maintain a social balance with community/friends/family. We all know that ruthless entrepreneur who is always working. Hustle culture is rewarded in the U.S., but that does not make it is healthy for our psyches or relationships. Relationships invite us to relate, giving us a sense of support that work does not offer. Pausing to think of others versus ourselves all day is a balanced form of expression.
  3. They prioritize self care. “You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others” – Dr. Phil. Self care looks different to many people, for some it is pampering, for others it is journaling, eating healthy, maintaining leisure activities, fitness, enough sleep, etc. You’ll never regret the relationship you build with yourself, and most successful people who prioritize self care will attest to this. When you care for all of your needs mindfully, you create a space for success to enter your life. 
  4. They know their value both within and outside of monetary standards. A wealthy mindset is first acknowledging your own successes, skills, and genius. Taking on challenging, high paying work does not mean manipulation or disrespectful treatment is acceptable. Successful people leave the table when respect is no longer being served and understand that doing business (good business) is rooted in respect, relationships and trust.
  5. They take calculated risks. Life is all about odds, chance, and uncertainty, so learning how to go with this flow, you guessed it- successful people do it. Capitalism forces us to take competition to extremes, so learning how to take calculated risks helps us reach for bigger wins.

It’s not all taking risks and setting deadlines, part of being successful is knowing when to slow down and step backwards for a broader view. We hope you enjoyed this piece. Written and originated by Adelle Grogg, Founder of AC Media Solutions.

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