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‘Why not?’ is the real question, but we will humor you with a great answer!

There is no doubt that the digital world has exploded over the last 10 years. Facebook is no longer a ‘new’ platform, and companies like Amazon dominate the consumer world. So, the simple answer to the question ‘Why Digital Marketing?’ Your audience lives online, in the digital world, and you must go to them.

People, in general, do not want to work hard, thus by advertising on a platform like Facebook, you meet the user where they are already browsing, scrolling, and socializing. Arguably, a user who is met where they are already active has a higher probability of converting with an offering that resonates with their genuine interests. Take that same user and offering and throw it on a billboard or radio station, the user must work hard to memorize or document the advertisement.  

As strong marketing professionals, we understand placement and timing. Regardless of the offering, great marketers will find the optimal time and place to market your product or service, and yes, there is always a strategy.

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